Nicholas Frimpong-Manso
Pureco Africa
Károly Kovács
CEO, founder

About Pureco

The Pureco Group of Companies is a Central European Water Engineering Company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Having more than 10 affiliated companies in 6 countries of two continents the Pureco Group develop, design-build, operate and maintain complex water and environmental related projects. The sustainable and affordable water management solutions provided by Pureco are serving people in more than 20 countries of 4 continents. Pureco Africa has been established as the subsidiary of the Pureco Group to cover and service the West African market.... Read More

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New level in stormwater treatment

ENVIA TRP is a sustainable and efficient solution developed by PURECO for filtering and retaining the contaminants washed away by stormwater, flowing down from linear engineering structures and paved surface such as roads, motorways, parking lots. This uniquely developed technology is in compliance with the contamination types, economical to install, simple to operate, as well as the retained materials are economically removable. The materials used for constructing the object are extremely durable.

The ENVIA TRP is able to meet the task of the primary treatment of stormwater with appropriate efficiency and security. Our equipment ensures that the contaminant levels of effluents are within the specified limit values, separated and retained materials are stored safely in time periods between maintenance and cleaning events. It is able to retain and store hazardous waste that may spill onto the pavement in an accident or emergency case, and it prevents damages to and pollution of the natural and aquatic environment. 

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