Richmond Aguiar
Pureco Africa
General Manager
Károly Kovács
CEO, founder

About Pureco

The Pureco Group of Companies is a Central European Water Engineering Company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary. Having more than 10 affiliated companies in 6 countries of two continents the Pureco Group develop, design-build, operate and maintain complex water and environmental related projects. The sustainable and affordable water management solutions provided by Pureco are serving people in more than 20 countries of 4 continents. Pureco Africa has been established as the subsidiary of the Pureco Group to cover and service the West African market.... Read More

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PurAID® water treatment container
PurAID® water treatment container

PurAID® water treatment container
Clean, arsenic-free potable water

Containerized, mobile and modular drinking water purifying system for rural areas to treat the existing but contaminated water easily and cost-effectively. PurAID® is a sustainable tailor-made water supply system for rural, isolated or less accessible areas and at institutions (hospitals, hotels, schools, etc.). The solution is certified by the United Nations and is listed by the UN among the SDG Acceleration Action tools. 

PurAID® system provides a complete solution to remove iron, manganese, ammonia, arsenic, boron and iodine and infections from drinking water in five steps. Depending on the water's contamination, PurAID® can provide more tailor-made assistance.

The PurAID® units can easily be organized into a network by connecting 5-10 individual units into a complex system, and installing a Service and Monitoring Center. PurAID® units are installed in a pallet-sized uniform metal box. Each box is equipped with a communication device to transmit the data measured by the modules' sensors. It works via GPS to the Service and Monitoring Center. Regeneration and changing of the filter media and adsorbent materials are also performed in the Center.





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