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Pureco presents

For a major infrastructure development project, the duration of work can take several years, which is no different for projects abroad.  In Ghana, the rehabilitation of the first section of the Eastern Transport Corridor (Tema - Akosombo) is part of a project to build a motorway between Tema and the Greater Accra Region (Kulungugu). The project is a significant project of the Ministry of Roads and Highways of Ghana. It is of central importance for transport and the economy of the eastern part of the West African state on the coast of the Gulf of Guinea. The 700-kilometre road is an essential north-south axis, stretching from the landlocked border with Burkina Faso to Tema, the country's main port city.

The Wiesbaden-based German construction company INZAG was awarded the contract. The development of the first 64 km section from the port city of Tema to Akosombo is currently underway and is a very complex project. 

Due to the size and complexity of the works, a complete small town has been built for the project participants for the duration of the project. The area, designed to provide accommodation, catering and sanitary facilities for the workers on the site, also had to ensure the provision of drinking water of adequate quality, proper treatment of the wastewater generated and the cleaning of the kitchen's dirty water.

The Pureco Group has sustainable, easy-to-install solutions for all three utility areas, which were installed to the client's satisfaction within a short timeframe.

Drinking water purification

The campsite is equipped with 3 PurAID® drinking water purification systems, manufactured by a member of the Pureco Group, to provide healthy drinking water.
Wastewater treatment


Wastewater generated at the campsite also had to be treated. Taking into account the local conditions and possibilities, a Pureco BIOCLEANER® wastewater treatment plant was installed to ensure proper treatment of the wastewater generated. This all-in-one system is most suitable for areas where municipal wastewater treatment is not available.

Stormwater treatment


In addition, stormwater falling on the campsite is treated by our ENVIA TNB, 8l/s capacity oil separation system in the near future.

We are proud to further strengthen our presence in Ghana with new Pureco products.