Puraid donation

Puraid donation

During his visit to Ghana in January, President János Áder visited the Kumasi wastewater treatment plant, which was designed and built by Hungary. During the programme, a PurAID drinking water treatment plant was handed over to the CEO of Jospong Group of Companies.

Two years ago, the Pureco-Unit Consortium started its first project in Ghana, under contract with a major African client in the city of Kumasi. The wastewater treatment plant, designed and built as a unique solution to treat the city's untreated wastewater, was inaugurated in May 2021. During a tour of the wastewater treatment plant, which is now at the end of its trial operation and has excellent treatment parameters, János Áder said that the project is a perfect example for the saying:  "Hungary not only highlights problems, but also gives solutions and take them to where they are most needed in the world".

During the programme, in the presence of the President of Hungary, a PurAID drinking water purification device was handed over to the CEO of Jospong Group of Companies, Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, in recognition of his professional efforts for successful Ghanaian-Hungarian business cooperation and his contribution to the success of water sector investments in Ghana, which have been and are being implemented with Hungarian planning and development.


In the photo: Csilla Kopornyik, Managing Director of Puraset Ltd. presents the certificate of the donated PurAID equipment to Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong - Photo by Péter Dózsa Pureco IDEA

The Kumasi Wastewater Treatment Plant was designed and built by the Pureco-Unit Consortium as part of an investment by one of Ghana's largest private groups, the Jospong Group of Companies. This is a significant success for Hungary, as the Ghanaian investor finally chose Hungarian technology and a Hungarian contractor in a highly competitive international market.
The Jospong Group is one of the most diversified holding companies in Ghana, with operations in other African countries and Asia. The company has interests in some 14 economic sectors with the largest activity in waste management, including the treatment of liquid waste transported on axle. The Jospong Group's investment was financed by the Hungarian export credit agency EXIM, which provided international quality finance.
Pureco Ltd., the consortium leader, offers sustainable and innovative solutions not only in the field of wastewater treatment but also in the field of drinking water treatment, based on the professional skills and experience of its group of companies. As a Pureco Group company Puraset Ltd. offered the PurAid equipment to the CEO of the Jospong Group. PurAid is a compact mobile water purification system based on adsorbent-based modular units for the purification of contaminated drinking water in rural and isolated communities.

The PurAID system is no stranger to Ghana, where a PurAID system has already been successfully installed in the town of Akim Wenchi, in close cooperation with the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), to de-iron, de-manganise and de-bacterise water from a local public well in the town. The system is currently undergoing a trial run, and the results of the last two months show that the purification efficiency is excellent and the quality of the water purified by the system is drinking water that meets WHO standards.


Photo: PurAID equipment installed in Akim Wenchi - Photo by Péter Dózsa Pureco IDEA

Generally speaking, there is a high demand in Ghana for PurAid.  Supply of drinking water to rural areas is a pressing issue in Ghana. One of these units can purify 6 000 to 10 000 litres of water per day, and is simple and cost-effective to install and operate.


On the right, Csilla Kopornyik, Managing Director of Puraset Ltd., at the residential testing of the PurAID system installed in Akim Wenchi - Photo by Péter Dózsa Pureco IDEA

The PurAID units are made in a single metal box the size of a pallet, and data on the incoming water parameters and purification efficiency measured by the sensors in the modules are transmitted to the service and monitoring centre via GSM. Replacement of regenerable adsorbents and filter media for cleaning is also carried out at the control centre.
In the presence of János Áder, the PurAID system, donated by Puraset Ltd, will be installed in a remote small village by Dr Joseph Siaw Agyepong, CEO of the Jospong Group of Companies.  


On the right, Csilla Kopornyik, Managing Director of Puraset Ltd. at the handover ceremony - Photo by Péter Dózsa Pureco IDEA

We are delighted that we can now offer our expertise, commitment, knowledge and experience not only in wastewater but also in drinking water treatment in Ghana.