Pipe it up, Ghana!

Pipe it up, Ghana!

As a result of the Hungarian-Ghanaian water partnership, we launched a unique initiative to bring together the water industries of the countries. and realise a major environmental education programme in Ghana. 
During his visit to Ghana, President János Áder visited the Kumasi wastewater treatment plant. János Áder said that "our country not only highlights problems, but also wants to show solutions and take them to where they are most needed in the world". The Hungarian head of state stressed that the Kumasi wastewater treatment plant was completed very quickly, in about one and a half years, despite the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. The solutions mentioned by the President also mean that the transfer of Hungarian water industry expertise and experience will not only create jobs through the operation and management of the project, but also help future generations to achieve a more water-conscious lifestyle and thus a healthier life through the environmental education and awareness programme implemented within the project. 

Thanks to this project, the social responsibility projects of Pureco and its consortium partners goes beyond the national borders and even beyond the continent. In the framework of the projct a board game was developed along the environmental education programme of the project, targeting children aged 10-14, with a focus on playful learning. The game, Pipe-it-up, Ghana, involves the players into the construction of a water pipeline in Ghana. During the game the players learn important information and knowledge about water through a series of question cards, which helps them develop their water awareness and attitudes almost imperceptibly. 


In the picture: the presentation of the board game Pipe-it-up, Ghana! at the Planet Budapest exhibition - Photo by Kaiser Ákos

We presented the prototype of the board game at our stand at the Planet Budapest sustainability expo, and handed over the samples to our partner in Ghana, Zoomlion Foundation, who works with us on awareness raising. With these - while the large quantity of 1,000 pieces is being produced - a board game championship pilot project was implemented in Kumasi. This involved training programmes for teachers from selected schools in Kumasi over the Christmas period, with the Foundation's assistance, and the organisation of a model tournament in the first week of January.
The prizes for the best players were handed over by Bálint Horváth, Managing Director of Pureco Ltd. and head of the Pureco-Unit Consortium, during the visit of President János Áder to Kumasi, at the Kumasi wastewater treatment plant. Károly Kovács, President of the Hungarian Water Partnership (HWP) and Róbert Forintos, Vice President of the HWP, were present at the ceremony. In the spirit of communicating the value of water, the HWP attaches great importance to training and education on sustainability, raising awareness of the real value of water supply and sensitising people to the issue.  


Bálint Horváth, head of the Pureco-Unit Consortium, presents the prize to the winners of the board game championship - Photo by Péter Dózsa Pureco IDEA.

As a continuation of the initiative, further cooperation is expected to be established, building on the experience of the pilot project. As a next step, the Zoomlion Foundation expects to receive the 1,000 Pipe-it-up, Ghana board games this summer, which will be used to organise a regional championship.
The Pureco-Unit consortium is also actively contributing to the training of young water professionals in Ghana and raising awareness future generations. The training programme includes the launch and coordination of professional training courses. The consortium, led by Pureco, is funding the environmental education and training programme with a total value of €100 000.