In our latest product line, we combine conscious water management with a breakthrough solution that does not require significant groundwork. This tailor-made storage system is a novelty because until now we have only offered underground and horizontal tanks. This is our first tank type that has a standing and above-ground design.

Pureco vertical tanks are used in agriculture, horticulture, aquaculture, and industry. In our first project, we travelled as far as Ghana to install it at the wastewater treatment plant in Takoradi, also built by Pureco.

For operating the wastewater treatment plant a significant amount of process water is required, which was previously supplied by wells dug in the area to a depth of 100 metres. However, the project has shown that much more water is needed than can be provided by pumping water from the wells. Operators, therefore, switched to continuous well water abstraction, for which the construction of a storage system was essential. Given the terrain and soil quality of the area and the short timeframe, the investors have chosen our vertical storage tank as a solution.

Our first project in the field was also significant because we were able to experience all the benefits of the product during delivery and installation. With a capacity of 500 cubic metres that is 500 000 litres of water, the 12-metre diameter, 4.6-metre high tank and all its accessories fit on two pallets. This made shipping much easier. We were able to complete the installation in 5 days, even though there was no motorised power (hoist, crane, etc.) to support our work. 


Our tank panels are 0.8-2.5 mm thick, depending on the height of the tanks, in Takoradi they are 0.8-1.25 mm thick, made of S350 grade steel with 450 g/m2 galvanized coating on both sides provide increased service life until the first maintenance.
The steel structure itself is not watertight, so the tank is lined with an internal foil liner, which can be 0.6 or 1 mm thick. In Takoradi, we have also provided the tank with a special foil liner, which ensures 100% water tightness. The tank also has a reinforced PVC foil cover. The base material is a polyester fabric of 850 g/m2 coated on both sides with PVC.

Benefits of the product:

  • easy to transport and install, this can be seen from the fact that a 500 cubic metre tank took up no more than two pallets
  •  quick installation, we were able to install the product in Africa in 5 days in extreme weather conditions and without mechanical power
  • can be installed without major excavation work, as it is above the ground and only requires a concrete base, but can also be installed on pavings
  • a mobile system that can be adapted to the needs of each case, as an installed tank can be dismantled after emptying and can even be re-installed at another site

If this 500 cubic metre tank had to be installed in concrete using conventional technology and installation, the investment cost would have been more than 10 times higher and the installation time at least four times longer.